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0:20Enjoy Nyheim Hines Ranked 6th Among Fastest Carriers
2:28NFL Mental Health \u0026 Wellness Series | Hayden Hurst
1:51NFL Mental Health \u0026 Wellness Series | Joey Bosa
7:07Who should the Bucs Play First in 2021?
Who should the Bucs Play First in 2021?Ko‘rishlar soni 18 mingKun oldin
0:36Guess Who's Back....Back Again #Shorts
Guess Who's Back....Back Again #ShortsKo‘rishlar soni 71 ming17 soat oldin
4:47BREAKING: Jaguars Expected to Sign Tim Tebow
BREAKING: Jaguars Expected to Sign Tim TebowKo‘rishlar soni 117 ming17 soat oldin
0:18The Double Doink! #Shorts
The Double Doink! #ShortsKo‘rishlar soni 33 mingKun oldin
59:55Around the NFL
Around the NFLKo‘rishlar soni 21 mingKun oldin
1:50NFL Mental Health \u0026 Wellness Series | Solomon Thomas
0:151000 IQ Play Right Here #Shorts
1000 IQ Play Right Here #ShortsKo‘rishlar soni 43 mingKun oldin
0:18Dalvin Cook Takes Flight! #Shorts
Dalvin Cook Takes Flight! #ShortsKo‘rishlar soni 27 mingKun oldin
0:13Mahomes and Cheetah were Magical this Season #Shorts
Mahomes and Cheetah were Magical this Season #ShortsKo‘rishlar soni 35 ming7 kun oldin
4:03Most Questionable \u0026 Biggest Suprises
Most Questionable \u0026 Biggest SuprisesKo‘rishlar soni 25 ming7 kun oldin
2:11NFL Mental Health \u0026 Wellness Series | Michael Robinson
11:28Every Team's Highest Draft Pick of the Super Bowl Era
Every Team's Highest Draft Pick of the Super Bowl EraKo‘rishlar soni 47 ming7 kun oldin
9:14Most Interesting QB Situations ahead of '21 season
Most Interesting QB Situations ahead of '21 seasonKo‘rishlar soni 61 ming7 kun oldin
8:06Who Won the 2021 NFL Draft?
Who Won the 2021 NFL Draft?Ko‘rishlar soni 154 ming7 kun oldin
1:40Biggest steals of 2021 NFL Draft
Biggest steals of 2021 NFL DraftKo‘rishlar soni 159 ming7 kun oldin
58:262021 NFL Draft Grades
2021 NFL Draft GradesKo‘rishlar soni 217 ming7 kun oldin
2:51Top 5 Defensive Fits from the 2021 NFL Draft
Top 5 Defensive Fits from the 2021 NFL DraftKo‘rishlar soni 37 ming7 kun oldin
3:28Offensive \u0026 Defensive Rookie of the Year Predictions
3:17Wide Receivers Who Landed in Perfect Team Fits
Wide Receivers Who Landed in Perfect Team FitsKo‘rishlar soni 98 ming7 kun oldin


  • The Bengals

  • For someone who doesn't listen to her music I have to admit that this was the best Super Bowl Halftime Show ever.


  • im a girl and I’m gonna try and tryout for the football team next year so im trying to understand the whole game so i can prove to my sexist family that i can play

  • Bills and Bucs should be late in the season. Like week 16-18. That way this matchup has more meaning. It could potentially knock the other team out of the playoffs. Never play the best matchups the first 1/4 of the season.

  • So, Jax sign Kap immediately? If they don’t, Crime of the Century

  • Bears draft Fields NFL: I'm let yall have your happiness But Cody Parkey was the best kicker of all time

  • The GOAT

  • Falcons: Good ol shootout. Pitts and others being added to falcons and then the bucs previously insane offense

  • I don't know what is more shocking? Crybrady losing or Bellichick shaking hands after losing the game?

  • Lamar stares down his receiver, throws into quadruple coverage to a receiver behind a defender and people blame it on everyone but him

  • The only half time performance to rival Michael Jackson’s 1993 performance

  • DJax might be getting old but he still be torching Defenses

  • Von Maur. Von Miller. Suck It Crybrady.

  • Just remember they could have picked Dak Prescott here.

  • he winked at me and me only

  • Tim Tebow is literally one of the most underrated players in the NFL

  • The schedule leaked and it’s Dallas.

  • Scored the first touchdown of the night.

  • For the people that say Lamar Jackson is overrated.... Threw 12/17 107 passing yards 2 passing touchdowns 1 interception...sadly 13 rushing attempts 94 rushing yards 1 rushing touchdown

  • “ThEy SiGnEd ThIs GuY bEfOrE KaP tHaTs UnAcCePtAbLe” kap had his chances and blew them so shut up.

  • He like a Vick/Steve young

  • Jesus Loves You

  • God Is Good

  • Jesus Is King

  • I might be hated on, but I personally think he is better or can be better than mac jones. I think mac Jones is way overrated, I mean he threw to literally one guy the entire season. I think trask has more potential, and especially wen he's learning from the 🐐

  • Bills @Buccaneers would be a great kickoff game!

  • This is one of te best games I've seen in my life. Who agrees?

  • The snow bowl let's get it on!!!!!

  • Kinda upset they took down the double doink game but I’ll settle for watching the Bears destroy the Rams 🤣

  • I miss Hayden in Bmore

  • I want more

  • #1 spot wont be replaced any time soon

  • Who’s here after Tebow actually became a Tight End

  • I never could understand why this pro lineman can let themselves get fat and don't tell me it's because they need it so they don't get pushed around and the teams allowing it, they have summer workouts/preseason.

  • This is called White privilege, Tebow is a bum and don't deserve to be back in the league!

  • 1:23 it’s not shrimp ITS A PRON

  • As soon as Brady retires, this team will go back to being 6-10

  • I really am enjoying the TB12 and KHart duo. They’re both funny to watch on this. It’s definitely a bromance!!!

  • They ran more shotgun to give him more opportunities to pass And less pistol formation Benny did in his MVP year Why they felt the need to do this is anybody's guess

  • Man , Tebow beating one of the best defense in nfl with Troy Polamalu In the backfield! Priceless!

  • I'm just here thinking about bad bunny and j balvin's appearances 😅😂

  • That's just Timmy talking. Go head on my dude.

  • Looking forward to Tim tebow winning the superbowl

  • Y should anyone care

  • New England: road Houston: home

  • Cool hand Luke Robert Redford, what we have here is a failure to QUARTERBACK ! Or didn't he used to play Quarterback and it didn't work out ? Am I missing something here ?

  • Damn look at this cowboys always losing 😂😂😂😂 Who Dat

  • The NBC station in Southern New England is WJAR


  • well well well how the turn tables

  • You'll be hearing a lot about this guy... mostly along side names like Ryan Leaf, Demarcus Russel...

  • 7-9

  • 7-8

  • 7-7

  • Congratulations Tim, glad to see him back.....

  • 6-7

  • 6-6

  • 6-5

  • 6-4

  • Randomly got this recommended after week one was comfirmed

  • 5-4

  • 5-3

  • 4-3

  • 3-3

  • 3-2

  • the bills would be such a good match-up to see in the opener ,with that being said its dallas or miami

  • 3-1

  • 2-1

  • 1-1

  • 0-1

  • 0:00 Trevor Lawrence (QB, Jacksonville Jaguars) 0:23 Zach Wilson (QB, New York Jets) 1:07 Trey Lance (QB, San Francisco 49ers) 1:51 Ja'Marr Chase (WR, Cincinnati Bengals) 2:13 Jaylen Waddle (WR, Miami Dolphins) 2:45 Penei Sewell (OT, Detroit Lions) 4:07 Jaycee Horn (CB, Carolina Panthers) 4:52 Patrick Surtain II (CB, Denver Broncos) 5:56 Alijah Vera-Tucker (OG, New York Jets) 6:41 Zaven Collins (LB, Arizona Cardinals) 8:30 Jamin Davis (LB, Washington Football Team) 9:16 Caleb Farley (CB, Tennessee Titans) 10:13 Christian Darrisaw (OT, Minnesota Vikings) 10:28 Gregory Rousseau (DE, Buffalo Bills) 11:16 Javonte Williams (RB, Denver Broncos) 11:33 Terrace Marshall (WR, Carolina Panthers)

  • 10:08 my fav part and im late oof

  • Wasn't Tim Tebow a baller in Denver?